List of Services
Condition Surveys for most Mutual Insurers Entry Purposes
Prepurchase Inspections
Cargo Surveys of Dry Commodities or Oils
Pre-Loading Surveys
Draught Surveys
Loading and Discharge Surveys
Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Testing with cargo on board
Flag Surveys
Safety Inspections for the Bahamas Maritime Authority as Bahamas Nautical Safety Inspectors in Greece
Safety Inspections for the Barbados Ships Registry as Barbados Nautical Safety Inspectors in Greece
Safety Inspections for the Luxembourg Flag as Luxembourg Nautical Safety Inspectors in Greece.
Safety Inspections for the Dominca Flag as Dominca Nautical Safety Inspectors in Greece
Safety Inspections for the St. Kitts and Nevis Flag as St. Kitts and Nevis Nautical Safety Inspectors in Greece
Investigations of Total or Constructive Total Losses following instances of Grounding, Flooding, Fire and Explosions
Collision Investigations
Engine Breakdown Investigations
Investigations into Death or Personal Injury on vessels
Investigations into Bunker Disputes
Invesitgations into Off-Spec Oil Cargoes or other liquid cargoes
Investigations into Oil Cargo Shortages
Investigations into Dry Cargo Damages
Investigations into Dry Cargo Infestation
Investigations into Refrigerated Cargo Disputes
Investigations into Marine Pollution
Investigations into Damages while Lifting with Cranes or Damage to the Crane itself.
Opinions on Documentation Produced
Expert Technical Witnesses
These tasks are performed for Major Maritime Organisations such as P&I Clubs, Mutual Hull and Machinery Underwriters, Lawyers, and occasionally lead to attendances at Court of Arbitrations as Expert Technical Witnesses.
Overseas Maritime is prepared to travel anywhere in the World to perform investigations.
Click here to view a map showing locations of investigations that Overseas Maritime has performed
Ship Husbandry
Overseas Maritime undertakes the husbandry of laid up or repossessed vessels for Banks and Financiers. The service is all inclusive, providing crew / watchmen, bunkers, maintenance, shiprepair estimation / supervision, liason with authorities, reflagging, maintenance of class, organisation of towage, supervision of visits by potential buyers, all documentation and accounting.
Attendances at Newbuildings
Overseas Maritime undertakes attendances at Newbuildings being constructed at local shipyards on behalf of Banks and Financiers in order to report on progress made with the construction at each milestone.
Multi-Modal Transport Investigations
Investigations into Damage of Containerised Cargo
Investigations into Damage of Reefer Container Cargo
Investigations into Damages during Road Transport and Damages to Trucks
Investigations into Damages to Trucks on Ro-ro vessels
Investigations into Damages to Cranes and Damages to Cargo while Lifting
Investigations into Theft of and from Containers
Stowaway Repatriation
We will arrange all liason with the authorities, documentation and transfer by air with security personnel for the repatriation of Stowaways according to the requirements of the Local Authorities and the EEC.
Flag Registrations
Registration of Ships with the Bahamas Flag
Registration of Ships with the Barbados Flag
Services to Yachts
Pre-Purchase Surveys
Insurance Surveys and Valuations
Casualty Investigations
Personal Injury Investigations
Claims against Shipyards concerning Repairs or Newbuildings
Warranty Defects Claims
Evidence and Documentation for use in Court
Overseas Maritime can provide the following services during an investigation in order to prepare evidence for use in court :
Digital Photography including Macro Photography with Special Lenses
Digital Video Recording with External Video Lights for use in darkness
Course Diagrams or course analysis based on Electronic Charts or AIS
Technical CAD Diagrams
Advice on Regulations, Carriage of Goods, Engineering, Navigation and Safety
We maintain an extensive library covering most relevant subjects and including the latest IMO, EU and Greek regulations. We are pleased to research and advise our clients on any issue they encounter.

Organisers of the Shipshape Training Course designed for highly educated young legal and insurance personnel and involving visits to up to 12 ships of all types under repair, working cargo and laid up. Additionally there is a full schedule of lectures on this 3 day course.

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